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  1. Aynı sorun bende de mevcut geliştirici modundan çıktım uygulamayı kaldırıp tamamen temizleyip Sıfırlayıp tekrar kurdum 1 ay geçti halen aynı bulab8ldibmi bir çözüm sen
  2. I got it yesterday evening Thank you so much in your hand health ..
  3. So how are installed Turkish? So how do I use the application in Turkish? exactly what you need to do
  4. Will not anyone help me? I would like to give support to Turkish language file, please send it to me.
  5. I want to send me the language file for this application by the developer to prepare the application I want to add Turkish language. I can not find the application in Turkish language file. I want to create my gönderirmisiniz Turkish language.
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