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  1. The album title/artist and album data has been shifted too far upwards and the header background opacity position no longer fits. (Aurora skin but also affects Luminous Black) Removing the header buttons places the album title/artist and album data back roughly to where it was before and fixes the background opacity positioning but I obviously lose out on the header buttons (not to mention the new giant empty space) and I don't really like the positioning of the new bottom buttons. Unsure if this is a skin issue or app issue, I have written to the skin developer about it and am awaiting a response.
  2. @andrewilley I use Aurora, is there a way to see when the skin/app was last updated? Looking at them on the Google Play store and the "last updated" dates there don't seem correct...
  3. I have noticed a rather annoying change in my Poweramp visual where everything below the album cover art has been squished closer together, I have no idea what might have caused it. The only thing thing I did between noticing this change is setting my phone to auto rotate so I could see what Poweramp looked like in landscape. Has anyone else had this problem? Nothing I change in the settings seems to fix it... The image on the left is how it was originally
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