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  1. I would move all of them (incl. like, 3-dot menu, etc.) below the equalizer, shuffle, etc. buttons. Reduce the height of the track progress zone.
  2. A small functionality hiccup: When on the main playing screen while playback is on (album art, etc.) and the search button below is pressed, the interface takes you to the search screen but neither the cursor is placed automatically in the search bar nor the keyboard comes up. When on the main playing screen and playback is paused, sometimes the cursor is placed in the search bar and sometimes not. The keyboard does not come up at all unless you tap into the search bar even when the cursor is in there.
  3. Actually you would need a fortune teller for that, not the moderator ...
  4. @andrewilley This thread is already a mess and I do not really see any point in continuing it. There are people angry because of the delays, other ones that either angry to the angry ones or trying to calm them down, some are laughing at the delays or trying to guess the dates with meaningless posts and some even discussing other options (UAPP etc.) I suggest you lock the thread and reopen it once you or another member is contacted by Max with an update. I use the thread following feature (notification of replies) and any update is emailed to me so I will know immediately when there is some action. Others could do so, too. I'm really sorry that this thread is now more that one year old.
  5. My new phone (soon to be updated in Oreo) is round the corner. Time to check its DAC. Beta, beta here I come!
  6. That's the problem when the developer is absent. Why should we believe any information allegedly coming from the developer? Not even from the moderator himself who has contacted the developer multiple times to no effect. I am not saying the image is not true (only time will tell) but I'm just pointing out that there is something inherently wrong with the communication channels in this forum!
  7. Well, imagine going to an Apple store to ask about Linux ...
  8. Can't compare apples to oranges. So far, Max's approach is hitting on everybody's nerves yet the majority of the forum accepts that his sound engine is (one of) the best out there. So qualitywise, his approach is working. The moment that another app matches PA's quality it will be time for some changes. And for what is worth I believe that this moment is very, very close. I also do not consider that PA is dead until the majority of the user base gets tired of Max's behaviour and switches to another app. And this moment is even closer. PA would be dead because there will be no feedback for future alphas or betas. To me saying that the users voted for Material Design was a nice excuse in the beginning. Users (including myself) voted but without the proper knowledge of the development timescale (assuming that Max is working full-time on it, which I doubt, somehow he has to keep feeding himself and beta development does not provide food). Speaking from experience, all development runs into trouble at some point (that's a rule) but at least we should have been tipped of. And last, at least some mockups should have been distributed. Why develop and then find that users may have better ideas? Isn't that what the testing is all about?
  9. I can't agree more with points 3, 4 and 5. I will consider to download and check UAPP for point 2 and for switching away from PA in general. Point 1 is debatable. I mostly agree with "Paying for an upgrade would not have gotten Poweramp here any quicker." although this may have introduced the missing driving factor. As for the "good enough" quality of the alpha version I am of the opinion that users favour stability over the tendency of testing new features. Sure, testing is always interesting, especially when substancial new features are introduced but at some point innovation must mature to stability. I wonder how Max would improve the beta if most of his user base was tired of waiting and migrated to other players in the meantime. I recently switched back to Android 4.4.2 as a result of my phone dying on me and found out that Hiby player actually sounds better than PA alpha on this version of Android. I'm sticking with it until I buy a new phone.
  10. Well, assuming that, as time goes by, Max is progressing then every new estimate must be more accurate than the past ones ...
  11. Much more clearer and detailed as long as you listen to flac files and with headphones that cost more than, say, 50 Euros. It also depends on your specific device, my experience is with LG G3 and Focal Sphear and is an absolute joy.
  12. Do you have any idea how many developers Google uses for Chrome alone? How can this be compared to PA?
  13. Have you checked the "Use Wakelock" setting under Settings\Misc? I had a similar problem with my LG G3 and checking this took care of it.
  14. And to be honest Max's perfectionism defies the purpose of the beta ... What if the expected beta introduces a new bug?
  15. No, Max should not lie at all, you completely misunderstood. Instead of just announcing a further delay, he could focus on the positive aspects of development, phones that would be supported in the new version, problems that have been overcome, maybe post a screenshot or two, let us know what's holding him back, etc. It's totally different to expect something that is approaching slowly than to expect something that you are not sure it's coming at all. And to be honest Max raised the bar a lot with the alphas. I believe that much is more than clear by now ...
  16. I think that happens because the only thing he says is that there is going to be a further delay ... And this applies specifically to the ones that are stuck on Nougat 7.0 ROMs (assuming that 7.1 does not suffer from the bug that does not let people use the hi-res output as someone mentioned in the other thread for alpha 703/704).
  17. Guys, how does all this relate to PA v3 update? I guess we all agree here that PA is our beloved player, that's why we are here for. Then once it is out feel free to play your music, either flac, mp3, or any other format. No need to convince the rest of the world about your taste.
  18. Compressed yes, lossy no. It's like a zip file, you do not lose any information. But we are starting another thread here, best stay with the long awaited update.
  19. That's why I wrote that the greater risk from this situation lies with Max. I believe I was pretty accurate.
  20. I agree with @clever_man above. When stable PA version purchased there were no guarantees for updates. Just a product that was worth bying for some at the time. Suddenly a new alpha version comes out and everybody is getting nervous and starts harrassing the developer. For me with a relatively old phone even the alpha version is worth paying for as it works flawlessly. People with newer devices are understandably more anxious as they want to experience what others already do. As a first impression the new skin is nothing to die for but until I try the whole interface I hold back any criticism. Anyway if it is easy to create skins there is always the possibility that, with time, people will create skins. I cannot comment on Max's development skills as I am not a developer myself. Could it be done faster? Perhaps. Better? Perhaps. Prettier? The same. But it is what it is and I only agree with just the first sentence of @spacebar2011post, that this discussion is pointless. As things stand right now the greater risk from the delays lies with the developer himself if other similar apps reach the same level of sound quality/friendliness/put-whatever-you-care-for-here and people move away from PA.
  21. Just noticed it. @AdamZamoyski is right to be dissapointed. No one forced the developer to do it or do it alone. It was his choice and his alone. If @AdamZamoyski (or any of us for that matter) had the will, time, skill and resources to start developing he would not be here as a user. On the other hand I can understand @andrewilley as he is literally caught in the middle and this often creates frustration, especially if one of the parties is completely non-responsive. Seriously though, if Max continues to act this way then I'm sorry to say, this forum serves no purpose at all!