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Poweramp-RC-build-797-uni.apk Build 797

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About This File

This is now Release Candidate status - no more new features are planned until official v3 release - only bug fixes.

RC Build 797:
• slightly increased selected item contrast
• fixed crash on category change
• fixed lockscreen not always appearing
• Folders Hierarchy is now always enabled by default
• widgets now should survive reboots better
• fixed constant reloads (flashing) on Android 7-
• fixed few crashes due to the translations
• fixed Enqueue and stay in the list option
• improved BT/headset keys support for Hi-Res audio output on Android 8+
• removed Send Album - Artist with Metachanged Title option, as it doesn't work for new Androids anyway
• clear action for Recently Added / Recently Played / Most Played
• app icon (launcher) shortcuts (Android 7+)
• few other bug fixes and small improvements

Build 796:
• new Long files category
• widgets now a bit larger when their shadow opacity option is set to zero
• improved stability on low end devices
• support for visualization preset pack 3rd party apks, including control over loaded presets in Settings => Visualization
• reduced number of events causing re-shuffle
• current item selection in lists
• long press on pro << >> buttons seeks as previously
• preliminary hi-res support for OnePlus6 Pie beta (and probably other Snapdragon Pie ROMs) - no DVC supported yet (should be disabled for Hi-Res output)
• menu => Folders now navigates for Folders Hierarchy category if it's enabled
• skin support fixes. Allowed 2 different seek bars to co-exist in a skin
• Look and Feel => Hide Status Bar option
• bug fixes and small improvements

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