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Poweramp-beta-build-795-uni.apk 795

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About This File

Beta build 795, feature complete release.

This is currently the most recent beta test build available.

• new optional 5-stars Rating Bar (Look and Feel => Player UI => Rating Type). Selected Rating Type also changes rating icons in Top/Low Rated
• new Lock Screen / Show Default Image option
• new option to show << in notification for some Android 7+ devices
• new option to not to ignore articles for sorting (Library => Lists)
• new Settings => Misc => Send Album Art for old API option
• new List - Compact zoom level
• added more (17) sort and (23) zoom options internally (now per each possble catergory) to avoid confusion with sort/zoom preferences "not being saved" (they were shared accross similar categories)
• new Look and Feel => Player UI => Counter option
• tracks counter is also available in small meta info on main screen
• added support for in-folder images for folders without tracks (i.e. various root folders in Folders Hierarchy). Rescan is needed to pickup these images
• fixed album artist sort option appearing in non album artist categories
• fixed lockscreen / smart watches info sometimes not updated
• Android Lock Sreen options is always enabled now
• improved wavpak and cue tracks scanning
• improved support for 3rd party skins
• many other fixes and small improvements

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