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Poweramp feature request


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I have a couple of feature ideas.

One would be to allow to make the delay custom (longer / shorter) from vizualization appear on screen back again. For example when you touch the screen to rate the song, I could use a longer delay from vizualization reappearing.

Album Art: also have the option to force the album art in folder above the embedded art in the .mp3 file.\ not just the downloaded art directly from Poweramp.

Album Art: shuffle also album art if there's more than 1 .jpg in the folder

Adding to play list or adding to favourite a song without opening a menu, but for example pressing 2 fingers on the screen or something (similar like downloading the album art with holding 1 finger on the middle of screen) or a possibility to remap the gesture.  Or a possibility to add a seperate "button" on screen to add it to playlist/favourites.

Thank you.

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