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Play music from (network shares) mounted outside /storage/... path


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Poweramp can play music files from directories outside /storage/sdcard.. path. I have mounted a remote music library via a NFS share to /opt/media/Music/. Beside this a lot of Music is stored on SD-card. If NFS share isn't availabe Music solely comes from SD-card. When remounting NFS share Poweramp is playing Music from both libraries without problems.

But there is no easy way to configure Poweramp this way. I have to manually edit com.maxmpz.audioplayer_preferences.xml and change the folders entry to:

 <string name="folders">/storage/sdcard1/Music/:/opt/media/Music/</string>

This works fine on my Huawei Ascend.

Mounting remote shares to /storage/... doesn't work because of the underlaying fuse files system which is in conflict with concurrent mounts. Therefore I've to mount shares outside /storage/.. but Poweramp doesn't display these files in directory selection menu. That is not good...

Is there an easy way to force Poweramp to display whole directory tree?

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