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Variable Q in Eq and Variable Ratio in Limiter

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Until lately, I was an iPhone user and using can opener as media player. It has a 5 bands parametric eq with variable frequency and Q. Seeing the Poweramp which has an API 560 style eq and limiter, I have downloaded and started to use it. However, the songs we usually listen are already mastered. That's why a pultec style eq would be more musical. The Q of your eq is narrow. after 1 or 2 Db boost low freq. start to distort quickly. The best option is to boost all and use the limiter but as it is a peak limiter, (although it doesn't distort which is good) it crushes the transients and makes the sound very unpleasent. In my opinion the eq would be better with variable (or wider while boost) q and limiter could use variable threshold and ratio also attack and release for that matter (or one additional compressor). In addition, on purpose not to distort the sound, I have lowered the preamp value which made the quieter songs even quieter. You may consider an auto gain feature.

Thanks in advance

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