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Ability to view and manipulate Queue and Playlists by Album/Artist/Genre

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I would love to be able to group a playlist and the Queue by Artist/Album/Genre for much, much more convenient list manipulation.

This was a feature of my Creative Jukebox back in 2002. I could enqueue a whole genre, and then view by artist and remove just 2 or 3 artists I wasn't in the mood for. Or enqueue an artist with an extensive catalog (say 10 albums), and then just remove the oldest 3 albums (you know, if I'm not in the mood for their older sound). To do this now in Poweramp, I have to:

Enqueue artist, "Filter", TYPE in name of oldest album, go to options, select delete, select each song, hit delete, confirm. Repeat for each album.


Enqueue genre, "Filter", TYPE in one artist's name, go to options, select delete, select each song, hit delete, confirm. Repeat for each artist.

And when filtering, there's a risk that searching for (for example) "The Abyss" not only will find all songs by "The Abyss" but also songs NOT by "The Abyss" but called "Into the Abyss" by a completely different band.

Just a simple "View By" and then select "Artist" (or whatever), then long press to "Remove from List" or "Select Mulitple" (and then remove) would be awesome. Or even a swipe to remove from the list would be super convenient.

On this note, the ability to long press on the 'queue' in the menu to "Clear Q" would be much simpler than going into the queue, going to options, selecting "Clear Q".

Thanks for your consideration.

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