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Pause on Disconnect of relevant device

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Tl;dr: dont pause on bt device disconnect, if currently playing trough headphones,and vice versa(while both options are 'on' ) . 

Summary: Improvement of pause on Disconnect feature. Useful when switching from wired headset to bluetooth, and vice versa. 

Explanation: if i was playing trough wired headphones and decided to switch to bluetooth speaker, on bt connect the default device changes to the new output(bt) and seamlessly continues playback trough it. If I decide to disconnect the "useless" headphones atm, program will detect it and stop audio.

Same thing happens the other way around, on bt off/device disconnect/etc. 

I want to highlight, that I WANT the playback to stop on device disconnect, BUT ONLY IF IT IS IN USE ATM.  

Would be happy to see that improvement. Thanks. 

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