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Install on Cowon Plenue Z2 / Android 2.3.5


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I've tinkered a bit with the following problem I'm having but I didn't find a workaround so far.

I tried the trial version of Poweramp and planned on buying the full version. The issue is that the Cowon Plenue Z2 I want to use it on (mp3 player on android 2.3.5) wont let me do the following:

  • Access the Google Play Store (Cowon's browser being outdated)
  • Register any mail / google account (it doesnt support google security settings or fails to reach other servers despite the info being correct)

I do not own any other device running with android so i'm kinda at a loss. What are my options - if any - to be able to make Poweramp run ?

Thanks in advance.

Additional links: Cowon Plenue Z2 product page

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