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Minor Bugs/Issues


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Device - Samsung Galaxy S5 (Lollipop) 

Decided to make an account just for this. 


First of all I'm loving the new Alpha build, the visualiser is one of those features i never thought I would want but hard to imagine a music app without it now!  There are a few issues though that I have found - none of them are make or breaks, just simple things people like me will appreciate who listen to music 5 times a day. 


1. The vertical scroll bar is too small. Before updating to the alpha build, I had a skin with which the scrolling was near perfect. (Skin for Poweramp Material by ikorolkov)  It may just be the S5 as the phone edges have a slight bezel, so any screen edge taps are often not picked up due to the protruding bezel in the way. It becomes frustrating however when you have 1000+ songs and trying to hold the scroll bar and drag it down to the bottom of the list and it doesn't work. (original touch on bar is not picked up) 


2. Visualization quick options to full screen/fade controls do not save. When you return to your phone an hour or 2 later (after changing the settings). The settings listed change back to default (normal/keep controls). Not that big of a nuisance as it is easy to change but it's the minor things that matter. 


3. Bass controls harder to reach. Could just be me or may have become a habit, however i normally change the bass and equaliser preset quite frequently depending on the song. Provided bass changing now is just another tap, it can still become fairly irritating. As a long Poweramp user, it's been one of the best unique points of the player that equaliser controls have been so easy and quick to change. Hardly as important as the other issuea and bugs listed but just a thought. A possible solution (other than reverting to the older quick equalizer link)  is to be able to save exact equaliser options for each song/album. So bass/treble/preset/gain changes depending on the saved song settings. 


Just my thoughts, minor things but will definitely make life for those that open the player 5 times a day easier. 


Let me know if you would like anymore details about anything. 

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