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Features to support listening to MP3 Audiobooks....


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My public library makes MP3 audiobooks available on CD-ROM, but my car's CD player doesn't read them.

So instead, I port them over (temporarily, of course) to my Android phone, and use Poweramp to play them through my car stereo.

Here's where the problems begin:

1) Poweramp insists on "temporarily" naming each track with the name of the book (the album), and I have to access the track number via the INFO button. Inconvenient at best, and dangerous to have to do all that while I'm driving. To be clear, the information is still there, but Poweramp wants to display OTHER information to me. If it could display the TRACK NUMBER, both in the overall track listing as well as in the title window when the program runs full-screen, this would be a great help!

2) Now I'm getting picky: I have a few books stored on my Android device, as well as many, many albums. I would love it if you would allow for "Bookmarks" to be created, so (let's say), I'm 4-1/2 minutes in to track 65 on "Book XYZ," I could log a book-mark, then go to the gym and listen to music while I work out, and then go right back to the bookmark when I'm back in my car driving home.

Thanks. Excellent program. Very clear sound!!

Steve S


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