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Random pauses with 3g enabled

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Poweramp version 2.0.10 build 575 play
Device model Lenovo a536
Android version  4.4.2
Stock ROM


I’ll start by apologizing for my English, and for the fact that’s not really a Poweramp issue, but I’m getting desperate over here. 

My problem is as follows – All audio apps randomly but very frequently pause and then resume (although sometimes it’s just pauses and that’s it) their playback when my 3g internet connection is active, headset icon in the notification tray is also temporarily disappears when that happens. It seems that the more data you receive/send the more frequently it pauses. It  happens also with the internal speaker, but not with  WI-FI, or with 3g turned off.


Strangest thing is that it happened to my old android 2.3 HTC wildfire S but then I thought it was a faulty headset jack, but I changed the headset, then the phone, OS version, manufacturer and even 3g carrier. I have no idea what to try next.

I also tried all of the fixes from the first 3 pages in google, including factory reset (even though I bought a completely new phone), deleting all the apps that I could, messing with the settings(including resume with headset connected) etc. They didn’t work. It’s annoying as hell, i would appreciate it if someone shed some light on that thing, or at least point me in the right direction.

PS I can include CatLog data, but is it usefull without root? I could’nt make it out from the popups in the app itself.


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