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strange "electronic/static" beep

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I have decided to use Poweramp, and i love the bass it delivers, better than all other apps i have used, but there is one major problem for me which i am not experiencing with other music players.

I also get it when im just using my phone's speakers, so its not my plug or my headphones.


I get like a strange high pitched electronic/static beep for about 1/4th of a second, I get it randomly, does not matter if i wiggle the plug around, if the phone is in my pocket or in my hand or the song i play.

Sometimes i don't get it for a couple of minutes and i get it not very often, and sometimes i get it pretty often, sometimes it's loud, sometimes it's not.


I have a OnePlus One running Android 5.0.2 (CyanogenMod 12, non-official)

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