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Strange sound when changing track, select menu, etc.

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On Asus Zenfone 5, this occured after the latest system update (since ~10 January 2015).


The sound went strange when I change track, push any buttons, fading. I can't describe it precisely, but it looks like the Equalizer stop working when fading, select menus, etc and it will get back to work after a couple of seconds has passed.


Also, some repeat noises came out of bluetooth speakers.


I tested Asus Music Player, nothing of above problems happened.

But I really like Poweramp to play musics for me mainly because of List Options that makes it easier to choose music for me. :(

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I've found the method to cause this glitch.

The touch sound of the system makes Poweramp play music incorrectly.

So by Turning off "Touch sound" in Android sound setting


Now, fading in Poweramp get back to work perfectly without "low volume for 2 sec".

Please fix this, thank you.

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