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Queue management


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I like the new dynamic queue but I think there's some room for improvement. The best queue management I've seen is at grooveshark.com. Several desktop music players have similar control but grooveshark does it with the best visual flair (unfortunately not everything they do is as beautiful).

The most important feature here is the ability to select a song to play:

  • [*:3hqp9zpu]now (inserts it into the slot immediately following the current song in the queue and advances to it)[*:3hqp9zpu]next (inserts it into the next slot like the play now option but doesn't advance to it until the current song finishes)[*:3hqp9zpu]and last (inserts it after the last song in the queue)

The queue doesn't delete songs once they have been played so it acts as a record of the songs played in that session.

It is fully re-orderable and traversible. In grooveshark you can reorder with drag and drop and click on any item to switch to it.

The queue can be manually cleared (or have items removed from it), and it can be its state can be saved as a playlist.

This has many benefits beyond graphical niceness. It allows you to have more transparency about how the app is picking songs. If you code it so that the shuffle button shuffles the queue (instead of randomly traversing it) you can see what songs are coming up and edit them if you like. It makes it infinitely easier to make a playlist, giving you the option to fiddle to your heart's content before saving.

I'd be happy to provide screen-shots of grooveshark's example and answer any questions :)

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