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Skipping/stuck on fast forward

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I just got a new LG G3. I'm rooted, but on the stock ROM.


While the phone is paired via Bluetooth with my car, Poweramp (pro) will occasionally get stuck on fast forward (I think). Music will start skipping every second or so and advancing through the song at a faster rate.


Stopping/pausing the song and restarting it doesn't fix the issue (but does stop the song.) Advancing to the next track doesn't fix the issue. Force stopping the app and restarting it doesn't resolve the problem. So far, the only thing that seems to resolve it is rebooting the phone.


I'm not accidentally hitting a button, because it happens regardless of whether it's in my shirt pocket (nothing pressing on it) or in the cup holder (again, nothing pressing on it.)


I didn't have this issue on my old S3. I also didn't restore this app from a backup. It was a clean install from the play store and I didn't restore app data with Titanium Backup.


I searched the forum and I couldn't find anything about this type of issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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