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How to license Poweramp on Blackberry 10


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Finally, after a long quest, I have found a way to license Poweramp on Blackberry 10. I use it now on my Q10 and I'm very happy with it.


What you need: a Blackberry 10 device with Snap installed and a Google Account.


Here is the recipe I used:

1. Install Poweramp Trial from Snap

2. Install and buy Poweramp Unlocker from Snap. When Poweramp opens, don't go to the Settings menu to check the license. Just close Poweramp normally.

3. Install Google Login and Google Play Store from the Cobalt page (http://forums.crackberry.com/android-apps-amazon-store-apk-files-f413/cobalts-official-google-apps-landing-page-965257)

4. Open Google Play Store and login from there using your Google Account (you must have one, otherwise Poweramp won't be able to check your license)

5. Open Poweramp and go to the Settings menu and it should say "Purchase verified" (or something like because it's in french for me)

6. In Settings / Audio / Advanced, you should uncheck the "Direct control of the volume" option, otherwise the sound level would be to low.

Now you can enjoy your paid Poweramp mp3 player. It works very well on BB10! The equalizer works as expected and the app is fast and stable.

Have a nice day,


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