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I would like to request a feature that allows me to shuffle the files in the queue before I begin playing them.  I tend to play my music files by genre.  When I add two or three genres to the queue and turn on "shuffle", all is well UNTIL I get it in my head to listen to a song OUTSIDE of the queue.  When that file has finished playing and the player returns to the queue, it has lost it's scroll position and will repeat files that have already been played.  If "shuffle" is turned off, this won't happen but then I'm forced to listen to all the files of one genre before it can continue on to the next genre.  If I could shuffle the queue list before playing the queue, I could leave "shuffle" turned off, play a song outside of the queue and have it resume playing the queue without losing the scroll position in the already shuffled queue list.  Thanks- great media player!

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