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Hi as a long time audio enthusiast starting with car audio then home and headphones, I believe a feature allowing the user to change at which Frequency points there is a decibel boost would be very useful to nearly all users. 2ztio44.png For example in this picture you have the frequency preset at 31 62 125 250 500 1k and such. However It would be nice to be able to slide the large amplification I have at 31hz  either lower or higher, to say 28hz or 42hz. This would be very useful not only when tweaking a system for the best sound but for finding the sweet spot for that speaker whether it be Headphones, or if your playing music through your car system and want to amplify that sweet spot the box is tuned for. 

So if you could either slide or just punch the numbers in over the current ones that would be a big step in the right direction. That would be my main suggestion but my second would be building in some type of filters. Low pass filter or just cutoffs that you could adjust. That would be worth buying again.


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