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Poweramp not able to download album art anymore


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couple day ago i wanted to download album art and founded that i doesn't worked anymore. I haven't used this feature for a couple of month so i was surprised as it always worked well...


I searched the web and see that i had to probably update Poweramp to the last version to work again.


I just did update no album art yet... I tryed on wifi and on 4G and it don't work on both.


Android version 4.0.3 and Poweramp version 2.0.9 build 564... (i just updated Poweramp (trial) couple minute ago)


( when i updated Poweramp i upgraded my trial version only, do i have to update the unlocker too?? I searched a bit on the net and this forum and don't find anywhere information about updating Poweramp)


For now the only way that i found to put album art is to download in my phone the image via google and select the file via pick gallery (in the album art window). Its really annoying and longer to do it that way!!


Thanks a lot for your input!

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