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Directory Rescan doesn't work.

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Usually I move downloaded podcast files from Download directory to Download/OLD directory weekly.


But Poweramp still show there are files in Download directory.


I've tried rescan, rescan, rescan....


Still Poweramp can't catch changes.


my android device is

Galaxy-S (not S2 S3 ... quite old device, Korea Edition)

Gingerbread 2.3.6

Language : Korean


2. File name in "FOLDER' browsing view.


Podcast files have their name as YYYYMMDDabcdef or MMDD-abcdef.

I can see it's full name in Play view.

But in "FOLDER" browsing view

it only shows abcdef not YYYYMMDDabcdef or MMDD-abcdef.


then in "FOLDER' browsing view

list are like below.







I should count it's sequence when I want to play SOME-DATE podcast files.



I think Poweramp is good player when media files are not changed/moved .....

And it's names are formal.


But to me,

there are quite bugs.

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