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Sort By Filesystem Date/Time Feature Using mtime

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I don't know if this is already discussed or not, please delete if duplicate.


I own a Moto G, which doesn't support sdcards. When I copy my music files over MTK, the "Sort By Filesystem Date/Time" feature didn't work as intended (it just sort somewhat randomly). The same happens when I copy using ES file explorer. 


Then I realize that maybe the file modification date is overwritten by current date, so I use cp -a command to preserve modified date timestamp. But it still sort wrongly. When I use the folder in my USB using OTG as the library though, it get sorted perfectly.


So my guess is Poweramp didn't sort library using mtime (that preserved through cp -a, I checked this using stat command), rather using ctime (for those who don't know, mtime is modification time, and ctime is time when the metadata changes, which cannot be edited manually). My request is this is fixed by using mtime instead, because that is the whole point of using this sorting feature (even the description specifies that it "use filesystem last modified value"). Or maybe there is a constraint that prevent Poweramp to use mtime?

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