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Frequent Rom Changing - Licence problems?


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Hi there,

I am considering buying Poweramp as it is an awesome music player. But I have to buy it directly (not via market) because I have no credit card. Also I frequently change/update my custom rom and this sometimes requires a full wipe. Is it possible to restore Poweramp via backuptools like Titanium without having to reactivate it? And does the unlocker still work after the upgrade to Android 2.3? I once had another "paid" app (it was free for one day only) and it only worked with 2.2. As soon as I used a custom rom with 2.3, the app told me, that I dont have an original version of that app.

Thank you :)

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Guest admin1317926123

You can request more activations by email. I'll check if your google account is not used on multiple devices (i.e. not pirated) and add the activations.

Titanium backup should generally work, unless device id changes for some reason.

PowerAMP works on Android 2.3 (ie. tested on nexus s), but I can't guarantee anything for custom roms.

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