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Google Now Voice Commands

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When using google now voice command feature to play album or artist, Poweramp plays the first song of the band or album in the 'all songs' list resulting in the next tack just being the next thing in alphabetical order which usually is totally different.


For example 'Google play music by the black keys' lonely boy plays as it should, but the next track will be london calling.


Is it possible you could introduce a fix in a future update that when that command is used it plays a track from the 'artist' list so Poweramp will just cycle through each album by the artist specified?




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Actually, the issue I'm having is that it will only play the first song in the all songs list alphabetical by the specified artist, then it will move on to the next song in the all songs list instead of just playing songs by the specified artist.

When I specify an artist in the Google music player, it only plays songs by that artist until I tell it to do differently.

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