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Quickly switching list modes & current list mode indicator

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a very happy user of the paid version here. What I often do is listening to the whole library in »shuffle all« mode. Often I head a song a think »oh right that artist's great! I'd like to know hear more of her/him right now.« In that moment I switch from »shuffle all« to e.g. »shuffle songs, lists in order«. However, I have two problems: 1. I have no indication which list mode is currently active (all songs? Artist? Album?) and 2. if the wrong mode is active then I have to switch to »Artist« somehow – and that involves a trip to the library, navigating to the artist I had just heard etc.


The same happens with »album« mode; I often want to switch from »shuffle all songs« to »shuffle just the songs in this album« which, again, possibly involves switching the current list mode.


So this is my feature request:


1. create an easy to use way to switch the current list mode and

2. implement some kind of indication which list mode is currently active.

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