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Poweramp 2.0.9 build 558 play

galaxy note 2 4.3 official.

Not that long ago I bought a bluetooth headphones. A good ones. But when I played music via Poweramp the general volume was low and the quality was very, very uncomfortably flat. The sounds that were supposed to be enhanced and poweful sounded like a background noise.

It reached the point that I was forced to switch to the stock music player to get the desired experience. Which is awful after so much time with Poweramp.

But I persisted on trying to tweak your player to give the same sound. I successes barely after skyrocketing preamp on a flat equ. With all the volumes effect disabled.

I got close. I think. But still. I feel that this doesn't suppose to happen.

After your UI I really don't want to switch to anything less. But here I'm contemplating sound-quality over UI.


I'm a meal head, so it's not the bass.

I ran the stock player on flat.

and a final question: does Poweramp support apt-x for bluetooth headphones?

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