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Skipping or jumping tracks

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I have a Samsung S3 Active running Android 4.4.2.

the full version of Poweramp version 2.0.9 build 556


running a playlist of 328 songs synchronised from iTunes via easy phones tunes plus. They are a combination of MP3's and M4A files. 

I am getting an issue with tracks randomly skipping part of a track (anywhere in the track not a particular point) or half way through a track skipping to the next track if I go back and replay the track its OK. but two or three songs later it will skip again. I seems to be totally random.


I have deleted all music and re-synced as it almost feels like data corruption( files are fine on my home machine).


The phone is say on my desk plugged into external powered speakers, but I have had the same issue on headphones walking home.


for example today I have been listening to music for about 2:5 hours at work and its skipped 5 times in the first hour but now not skipped for the last 40 mins


It seems to be a music issue as I also listen to a lot of podcasts transferred the same way from iTunes and have no problems with them at all.


any clues?



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