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Can't buy Poweramp from India !


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I love the features and the way it provides absolute control over music using various settings. B) 

So I decided to buy the app this morning.Indian debit cards won't work on Google play except some. I have a Visa SBI debit card and unfortunately it is not supported by Google play too.And I don't have Credit Card too. :( 

I had no choice other than to buy from official website. I tried to order with my visa debit card. Still it won't work throwing me an error. :angry: 

So please help me buy the app. I had hardly few day left on my trial account so please advice is there any possible way to buy the app. :wacko: 

I had already tried creating VCC using Entropay. No luck. Tried every purchasing method :mellow: . So please help me to buy the app via my debit card.

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