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eternal sleep

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  • 2.0.9-build-554
  • Highscreen Boost II se
  • Andoid 4.3
  • firmware version 2.2 beta

​So, I have such problem as my goes to deep sleep when playing music through the BT Headset Jabra BT3030. Only hard reboot (by removing battery) can wake up my phone. 

Here's the log:

E/Parcel ( 298): Reading a NULL string not supported here.E/Parcel ( 298): Reading a NULL string not supported here.E/Parcel ( 298): Reading a NULL string not supported here.E/Parcel ( 298): Reading a NULL string not supported here.E/Diag_Lib( 660): [IMS_FATAL]| 2912 | 686 |ims-rtp-daemon ims_rtp_qmi_handler_thread_func waiting on select thread>E/GCM ( 2158): Dropping message from nullE/DiagJNIInterface(19040): Trying to load libDiagServiceE/Diag_Lib(19040): JNI_OnLoad calledE/ALSAStreamOps( 248): setParameters(): keyRouting with device2 0x80E/PlayerMediaButtonReceiver(16783): BTReceiver.sLastBTConnectedTS=0 delta=1398700351086E/PlayerMediaButtonReceiver(16783): BTReceiver.sLastBTConnectedTS=0 delta=1398700351153E/ALSAStreamOps( 248): setParameters(): keyRouting with device2 0x80E/AudioFlinger( 248): not enough memory for AudioTrack size=255960E/AudioTrack(16783): AudioFlinger could not create track, status: -12E/AudioTrack-JNI(16783): Error initializing AudioTrackE/android.media.AudioTrack(16783): Error code -20 when initializing AudioTrack.E/bt-btif ( 1470): bta_av_str_stopped:audio_open_cnt=1, p_data 5ac97378E/bt-btif ( 1470): ERROR Media task Scheduled after SuspendE/Pipeline(16783): Exception in outerLoopE/Pipeline(16783): java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to retrieve AudioTrack pointer for getSampleRate()E/Pipeline(16783): at android.media.AudioTrack.native_get_playback_rate(Native Method)E/Pipeline(16783): at android.media.AudioTrack.getPlaybackRate(AudioTrack.java:547)E/Pipeline(16783): at com.maxmpz.audioplayer.processing.ll1l.эаАэ░А(":252)E/Pipeline(16783): at com.maxmpz.audioplayer.processing.эаБэ░Б.эаАэ░А(":66)E/Pipeline(16783): at com.maxmpz.audioplayer.processing.llll.эаБэ░В(":1122)E/Pipeline(16783): at com.maxmpz.audioplayer.processing.llll.эаАэ░А(":1149)E/Pipeline(16783): at com.maxmpz.audioplayer.processing.llll.l1ll(":442)E/Pipeline(16783): at com.maxmpz.audioplayer.player.PlayerService$2.run(":1060)E/Pipeline(16783): at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:841)

But version 2.0.9-build-543-uni seems hasn't this bug.

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