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Online radio support


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Thank you for very nice app. I'd say, I spent more time taming it, so powerful amp and EQ are. Good times though.


I can't decide, if I like "auto on upon BT connection" feature, and I can disable it from settings, but here's my Q.

I am mostly streaming off TuneIn radio. I use MP3s only when something goes wrong with online radio. Or, I am on very long drives and don't want to overuse bandwidth.

Is there a way to have PA cooperate with an online radio of user choice, just like it does with MP3s on my SD card? As in - when my BT adapter in the car connects, PA starts playing MP3s on SD card.

I'd rather prefer it to start TuneIn radio and start playing off it.

May be a far fetched request, but then I don't have to do all the 5 step dance, starting radio and waiting for PA to switch over to it. Which it does flawlessly. Guess, it's matter of convenience and laziness?


Thank you

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