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Tagging removed on flac files of 88kHz and up

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Poweramp 2.0.9 build 548 full


Gbox Midnight MX2


Android 4.2.2


I run flac files ranging from 44kHz to 192kHz off an external hard drive via USB. I disconnected/reconnected the drive for the purpose of adding about a dozen files. Prior to this, everything was working perfectly for the 2 days after i installed the new build. After reconnecting and running a manual quick scan, playback became incredibly choppy (often pausing every few seconds) on almost all songs no matter the sampling rate.


Also, i started getting a "Failed to play file..." message on several of the songs with an 88khz and above sampling rate.  I rebooted the GBox and also did another quick scan and that accomplished nothing. I then ran a full scan, and this seemed to fix the choppy audio problem i was having.  However, i'm still getting the "Failed to play file" message on about half my higher sampling rate files.  To which i noticed that on the files that won't play, (about 150 of my 300 or so 88khz and up songs) all tag encoding has been erased.


I can't say if this occurred before or after the full scan, but i can say with 100% certainty that it happened sometime after my plugging the hard-drive back into the GBox. As a sidenote, it would appear that with a few exceptions the tagging was erased as much on a "by album" basis as opposed to a "by song" basis. In other words, if one song on an album had it's coding removed, all songs on that album did also.  At least for the most part.




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A little more info:


It affected a total of 108 files. 


While they continued to exist on the hard-drive, they were all listed as being 0kb files, so they were essentially erased.


All 108 files were located in the same folder. 


About 60 of the 108 files also existed in a separate folder on the drive, but were unaffected in the other folder.  There are files that exist in both folders that weren't affected at all....and there are files that exist only in the affected folder that were erased. 


Finally, i reloaded the files using backup copies, again did a full rescan, and everything now seems fine. 

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