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Problem with context menu within list view since latest update

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Problem since latest update:

In the list view (eg. folders / files) the context menu which normaly appears by long pressing on a list entry disappears as soon as the list entry is no longer pressed.

It's no longer possible to press a list entry and choose any option from the context menu without multitouching the screen with two fingers at the same time.

Before the update it was possible to press the list entry and AFTERWARDS choose any context option (like enqueue or play now).

It's not possible anymore to use the context menue with only one hand in use.
It's nearly impossible on my display to multitouch a list entry AND the context menu at the same time - because both are located too close to each other.

I hope you understand my English.

I'm not even sure if it's really a bug or a new "feature" (I don't hope so).




Poweramp version:
2.0.9-build-860542-x86-play (full version) - I also tried 2.0.9-build-860543 for Intel


Device model:
Motorola RAZR i (XT890)


Android version:


Stock ROM




Many thanks in advance



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