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Integration with RunKeeper


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I've been using PoweAmp for quite a long time and I've always used it on the background while running, tracking activity with the RunKeeper app (Android)


Since summer the RunKeeper app has changed and has full integration with some music players, (google music basically, although it seems to work with Sony Walkman too) but it does not with Poweramp.


If I play music with Poweramp on the background (as I used to) every time audio cues are played by RunKeeper music will stop. When the audio cue is finished then music comes back. This means that music stops for about 30 seconds.


Before RunKeeper would lower down music just a bit, enought for the audio cue to be heard clearly (I guess this was managed by RunKeeper).


This is how it behaves with google music if you choose to play music from the RunKeeper (it first lets you choose the music player... but Poweramp won't be in that list).

Also, google music won't read Poweramp playlists!


Any chance of getting the same behavior with Poweramp? (I mean, lowering down music when audio cues are played) ... or exporting Playlist in a format that google music would play?


Thanks in advance!

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