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hi guys,

i'm using the version 2.0.9-build-539-arm-play (Time Limited Trial) on my sm-n9005.

i have two albums that have the same name "Here We Go" but by different artists and genre, also different album arts.

but every time i play the song from one album (1) and go check, the album (2) got the same album artwork as the album (1). only when i play the album (2) does it display its own album art but then when i check the album (1), it's got the album artwork of album (2) and only when i play it does it display its own album art (!).

i did specify the album artists of each album and although this doesn't affect the album art displayed on the play screen, it bugs me. please help me resolve this seemingly bug or tell me if there is going to be a fix.

thanks very much.

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