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Play/pause irresponsive for up to a minute since August - enough is enough

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Hello All,


This topic was already reported twice in the forum without a single responce, or, better yet, action from developers. Now, Poweramp is a very powerful playlist management app, and this is the primarily reason I *used* to use it. It could have been much better *if* my request to add two minimal features were not ignored since October 2012, but it is Ok.


However, when the *basic* functionality of the player, e.g. an ability to respond to play/pause button is:


1. Broken since August release on several reported device types

2. Reported multiple times both on this forum and otherwise

3. Not even attempted to be addressed by development team


... then this is not really a "misfeature", or "turn-off"... It is basically, "bye-bye, Poweramp", it was good while you lasted, but I cannot wait a bloody minute for a single button to respond to my command "Stop". It's beyond the basic functionality. It is something that gets fixed in the highest priority, not in a "dream world", but in the real life. And if it does not - time to look for another app.


Bye-bye, Poweramp.


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To anyone who has the same problem:


1. You can fix it by downgrading to the previous release, such as Poweramp v2.0.8-build-525

2. The previous release(s) can be found in multiple places on the net, but NOT on this site (very convenient)

3. If your playlists are not exported to M3U format, you will most probably lose them all during down-grading.

4. Do not de-install your unlocker - it will work with either of the Poweramp versions


All of the above steps, including the loss of Poweramp internal playlists are tried and verified to work as expected, e.g. producing in the end a stable Poweramp version with normally responsive interface on Samsung Galaxy 5 player. YMMV.


Detailed instructions of how to manually install a package are all over the net. All the risks of installing unknown package from unknown place are entirely yours. If you know a way how to hack out an older package from the official site - even better for you.

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