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Add a 'Compander' function?


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I know this request will probably send purists into a fit - but would it be possible to add a 'compander' (compresser-expander) function that would reduce the dynamic range in certain situations?


I am using Poweramp on a Samsung Tab 7 as a source of music in my car. I mostly listen to classical music which is generally not available on the radio. And, in the boonies in Maine, even SiriusXM is iffy due to the slant angle (to the satellite) and our tall trees.


The app works great, especially for pop and rock and broadway which are all recorded as loud as possible and with very little dynamic range. But the background noise in the car makes it hard to hear some of the softer classical passages without boosting the volume too high on the loud passages. Most broadcast stations recognize this (even the classical-only ones) and apply compression/expansion to the music they broadcast. It would be great if I could dial in a little compression when I needed it. Thanks.

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