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Better horizontal layout / more layout control / optimized car mode


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I'm in the process of setting up a car dock for my Samsung Galaxy and want to add my voice to those asking for more choice of backgrounds in Poweramp. The entire Poweramp layout looks great in vertical mode, i.e. album art and button layouts are nicely proportioned and the background is pretty much just a color-coordinated border around the album art.


Since I'll also be using my Galaxy for navigation in the car, I'll have it docked in horizontal mode, and Poweramp's horizontal layout leaves a lot to be desired, especially for car use. The album art only takes up about a third of the horizontal space leaving 2/3 of the horizontal background filled with a cheesy multi-color blend which looks pretty obnoxious when blaring into my eyes during night driving.


Being able to at least disable the background would be a good start but really, having more control over the layout (or even a car-optimized layout) would really be helpful for car media use, i.e. options for larger track/album names, larger buttons, fewer minute details (running time, file type and resolution in 6pt text really isn't very helpful when the phone is mounted 2+ feet away on the windshield), the ability to make better user of the horizontal space by placing buttons or tone/vol controls next to the album art and maybe making a bit more room in the layout by dropping the next/prev buttons when gestures are enabled for advancing tracks & lists.


Great app, well worth the unlock fee.

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