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SenseMe integration... or something similar


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I have been using Poweramp for years and have honestly been expecting this feature to come on its own... but it never did.  I think it's time I request it.


I'd LOVE to have SenseMe integraton, or something very similar to it (since SenseMe is closed source software I think).  I used to have this feature on my old Symbian OS Walkman phones and really enjoyed it, but ever since moving to Android years ago, none of my phones have ever had it again (yes, the newer Xperia phones have it now, but I don't have those phones and can't afford them since they are not available with a contract through my carrier).


Would it be possible to add either SenseMe or something similar to it? It would be nice to be able to play music based on your mood.  I mean, sometimes when I'm in high spirits, it's annoying when a slow, sort of depressing song comes over my headphones.  I can skip it and all, but it can still bum you out a bit.  I also have over 3000 songs in my librarty, so I can't really manually create a queue each day based on my mood.


More info:




PLEASE consider adding something like this to Poweramp.

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