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advanced rating system? +5 and -5

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your player is simple stunning, thank you very very very much for developing it!

I would like to ask you for a new feature, and I would like to know:

- what do you need for the devolpemt?

- do you find the idea good?

- how much would it cost to get it?

Idea: "My Music Statistics - a more advanced rating system"

I would love to

- be able to rate in song, for: 1. categories, 2. dis-/like, 3. how much 2-9

- - rate one song multiple times

- in statistics see: list: rated positive, rated negativ, not rated

- - in the list: for each song: date of rate, rating, song

- - in the list: if I rated one song more than once, to be able to see when did I rate what

- export: them via excel


1. statistic options:

It would be amazing to name the categories freely in the advanced rating options, all by myself

for example like that:

category 1 = happy music

category 2 = sad music

category 3 = driving music

category 4 = gaming music

category 5 = angry music

2. in listening mode

when I would rate a song in advanced rating mode, I would like to choose,

2.1. which single or multiple categories it should be: "angry, sad"

2.2. than I would rate If I like it or not: " - dislike " "• don't care" "+ like"

2.3. if I choose dislike, or like - than I would rate how much points: 2-9

if I choose dont care, it would rate 1


so I could additionally see, which I didn't rate so far, with 0

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