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Change EQ preset with llama through intent?


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I'm a great fan of Poweramp, it turns my smartphone into a great music player. Thanks!

Recently I have used llama to automate some things, for example disable lock PIN when I'm at home, etc.
Now I have a car where I connect the phone via 3.5mm jack to the stereo, and I have some headphones. Both need rather different EQ settings. I'd like to automate switching the EQ preset based on NFC tags llama recognizes (I have one in the car dock, so the phone "knows" when its in that car). I think this should already be possible, because llama supports using Android intents as actions. I have found some documentation and sample code, and I think there must be a way to trigger an intent called 'SET_EQU_PRESET', but I couldn't get it to work. There are lots of fields to fill in, and I don't know what should go where.

Has anyone done this before and could walk me through?

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I have the same problem but using tasker instead of llama. I'm not able to change the equalizer settings to a defined preset by sending an intend:

Action: com.maxmpz.audioplayer.API_COMMAND

Extra: cmd:50

Extra: id:1

Target: Service

This profile should set the first preset to Poweramp in my understanding. Can somebody help?

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