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48kHz 24-bit WMA

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Is there still any plan to add support for 24-bit WMA files in Poweramp? I'm asking not because of the badly-ripped WMA files as posted here: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/4223-wont-play-wma-files/ but because I have a good number of 96kHz 24-bit FLAC files that I'd like to recode to 48kHz WMA for size and compatibility issues. Not all music benefits from that much clarity, plus the FLAC files are eating up a ton of space. That being said, some of the files I plan on keeping in FLAC format, but the music files I want to recode still sound better with the higher-bitrate WMA format. This is something I'm doing for both my phone when I'm listening to music through my car's stereo, and on my computer at home.


Off-topic...I'm having issues with the player auto-advancing to the next track when I hit pause then play from my car's stereo. It sometimes resumes playback for a couple seconds before changing to another track. I've not been able to tell when it will resume properly versus when it will change tracks on me. Google Play Music doesn't do this, Winamp always does, and Poweramp sometimes does. This is really the only issue I'm having with Poweramp besides no 24-bit WMA compatibility.

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