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Rich notification customization (Jelly Bean)

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Hello, I'd like to ask for some customization options for the new Jelly Bean style rich notification (see a screenshot under the spoiler).

The first option is to disable the tracks counter ("360/369") because it takes quite a lot of space needed for long track/artist+album names, and I don't actually need this counter. Also, when it is displayed, it could be placed in line with track name or artist+album instead of covering both lines.

The second option is to choose an album art transition animation, or at least to disable the current "zoom in - zoom out" animation.

Thank you.



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Coming back to this thread a year later :) The notification layout has changed, thanks for separating artist and album names and making the counter affect only the last line.




But the counter still can't be hidden, while the space it occupies can be useful. A few days ago you replied to a review saying that more options are coming. Is this customization included?  :rolleyes:


Concerning the "zoom in - zoom out" animation, I've got somewhat used to it but it would still be nice to make it optional.

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