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Hearing Music and incoming Calls Problems

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Hi there,

I am very satisfied with the Poweramp App. Best Music-Player in Play-Store! But, there is a "BUT"...

Something this is annyoing me pretty much and I am over 90% sure, that this wasn't the fact in earlier versions of Poweramp:

When I am hearing music via headphones (without a microphone or other fancy stuff) and a call comes in, the music stopps, I unplugged my headphones, answering the call and when the call ends, the music suddently plays on with or without the earphones are plugged in again. So, when I am not fast enough, everybody can hear my music very loud, before I am able to reconnect the earphones. That is embarrasing, especially when I am on the crowdy train to work or somewhere in public.

So I had turned off the option now, to start the music again after call. But then, I have to restart the player, what is not so embarrasing but still annoying.

As far as I can remember, that weren't a problem in earlier version of Poweramp. There the music was paused untill I reconnected the earphones after a call.

So, my request is, to reimplement that very nice feature again!


I am using a Samsung Galaxy S 1 (GT-I9000) with Android 2.3.5. Poweramp is on version "2.0.8-build-524 Full Version"

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