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Transfer of a binary code of record without changes.


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I use a stereo a bluetooth a font of HiFi of quality. It is necessary for me that the binary code, my lossless of music records, was transferred under the protocol a bluetooth without changes. That is, that your player didn't make any changes. So for example receivers work. The digital signal is transmitted without changes from the computer on an optical cable to a receiver. The receiver transforms a digital signal to the analog. At mine a font bluetooth the built-in digital-to-analog converter and the built-in amplifier are similar to a receiver. I specially bought such HiFi a font as мнея doesn't arrange quality of the digital-to-analog converter and the amplifier in phone. But, unfortunately, it turns out that your player too makes the changes to an initial binary code before to send it under the protocol a bluetooth. I think that such problem arose not only at me as since recent time there was a bluetooth of a font of HiFi of quality, such as Audio Technica ATH-CKS99BT

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