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Couple of things to make Poweramp the best music player!


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So, I have a few suggestion for Poweramp 3.0.

Firstly, the app needs to come together a bit better in terms of transitioning between folders, library and the player. Whenever I hand my phone to a friend they never have any idea how to get out of the music player (w. the album art etc.) and into my library to look through my songs or artists. And the back button just exits out of the app. The only two ways are pressing the music note button in the top (very faint, doesn't shout LIBRARY to me or anyone else I know or pressing the name of song (just below the big play button).

Secondly, I experienced this bug running 4.1 and 4.2 on my Galaxy S II and 4.2 on my Nexus 4. When using the new holo fast scroll thing for artists or songs it jerks around randomly if I just scroll normally (slow-scroll). That definitely needs to be fixed.

Also, a more unified lyrics/album art feature would be really nice, like if you could record 10,000 songs and have your own database of lyrics and album artwork that is 100% and if someone requests it, it always suggests your perfect set of lyrics/album artwork. Although, it should require high corelation between the title/artist before syncing.

A nicer settings layout would be nice, maybe break it down into just 3-4 categories when you press settings. (not very important)

Increased cmpatibility with winamp would be great too, or itunes but that's probably pretty hard given it's apple.

Another bug is that since I upgraded to my Nexus 4 (4.2) the swiping/switching between songs is very laggy, like i'll swipe or press the next button several times before it actually does anything. Not laggy in terms of FPS; it just doesn't switch the song even though everything is still smooth. This might just be a jelly bean bug like the other one.


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