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VST Wrapper: Maybe a pipe dream, but I'd pay extra for it.


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Besides a couple minor quirks with the way Poweramp handles metadata, there's only one thing that I really would like to see change in Poweramp: the inclusion of a VST wrapper.

As a Foobar2000 user, there's a number of VST plugins that are nice to have, but one that is essential. Terry West's ReLife does the seemingly impossible job of automatically repairing a lot of the damage done through heavily-compressed masters. It does a better job of analyzing and simulating the original waveform than anything I've ever used -- including dedicated programs like DeClipper. The best part is that it does so without needing to re-encode the file or micromanage the process per song and it's completely free.

The ability to load VST plugins into Poweramp would be a dream come true. I know making a VST wrapper would not be a quick and easy thing. But if you somehow found the time to make one, I'd happily pay a premium, even more than the cost of the app itself, to add it in Poweramp. There's no music player on Android or iOS that can do anything remotely like what ReLife does and the difference is simply stunning.

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