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I love Poweramp, but the one area it's lacking in is quickly jumping to the part of a list that you want.

For example, UberMusic has this feature:


Above every new letter in any list (songs, artist, genres, etc.) there is a box containing the letter. You can see it on the left side of the picture that I've uploaded. Whenever you click this box, it brings up this menu which allows you to jump to any letter. It's a great feature and it actually had me using UberMusic over Poweramp for almost a year, even though UberMusic is no longer updated and Poweramp has infinitely more features. This one feature is just that good. No more scrolling forever, missing your letter, and having to go back. Where this feature really shines though is when you're driving.

I don't think it really matters so much HOW you bring up this menu, but it should be accessible easily from anywhere in any list.

If you support this, please drop a message here just so it gets noticed. Thanks!

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