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support for walkman button on sony ericsson live with walkman


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I am voting for this enhancement as I am using Live with Walkman and Poweramp is my favorite player that I've bought. You can simply look at Apollo player which already have implemented this MUSIC KEY feature, or Stock Walkman Player. Also here is some code related to Walkman Button.

Please look on this feature request for finalization of music player replacement on phone :)


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The stock Walkman player is a special case. When you press the Walkman button a function called "VENDOR_1" is activated. This function turns on or off the Walkman app.

I have modded my Walkman button into the MUSIC hardware key. This lets me launch whichever music player app with MUSIC key support. I'd really like Poweramp to be one of these, but until that happens I will use Apollo instead. It is one of few music players (Google Play Music is the only other I know of) which supports the dedicated MUSIC hardware key, and it has almost every feature I want/need from Poweramp. (Poweramp is much prettier though...)

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